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for Shoreline City Council

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Your Voice Matters!

Crime in Shoreline

I spent 6 years collecting signatures for 3 different community causes with groups of residents but the city didn’t listen because they had already made their minds up.  The Richmond Beach Road diet was the most recent one and we collected 800+ signatures on our petitions.

I want to protect our neighborhoods from crime by enforcing our laws. Petty crime is everywhere -breaking into and stealing cars, breaking into mailboxes and home break-ins, too. Businesses have many of the same problems and shoplifting is a huge concern for many of them.

Homelessness is in our city – I believe we need to establish a “tough love” policy with addicts currently being enabled through lack of enforcement. In addition, we need to learn from the successes on Arlington and Marysville, WA. I have talked to the Arlington police chief, Arlington and Marysville mayors, and a Snohomish county councilman about what they are doing. Embedding a social worker with the police department is an important first step.

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Quality of Life

Tax Relief Assistance

We need intelligent development. Only high rise buildings near light rail stations and on Aurora Ave make sense. Many residents have moved to Shoreline because of our friendly single-family home neighborhoods. I want to protect these neighborhoods Our parks and trees are an essential part of our neighborhoods too and I want to help preserve and maintain them.

Everyone agrees that taxes are too high, but this is especially true for Seniors since many of them are on fixed incomes. They do comprise almost 20% of our city’s population. I want to help them remain in their homes or to move to another independent living situation. I’m on the board at the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center and am working on this information-gathering project. I have the King County Senior ‘Citizen Property Tax Reduction program, a lawyer , a realtor and others who specialize in helping seniors.

I also believe we can all benefit from a new approach to the way our city runs it departments . Way before we start planning for the next budget, why couldn’t we ask for multiple bids on maintenance and projects from private companies to see if we can save money for the residents.

Local Businesses

Small businesses need help and our economic development department isn’t providing it. My husband and I owned our own business for over 30 years and understand how important marketing, networking and safety are for Shoreline business owners. We have visited over 40 locations so far and found out that most of them would love help from the city. At the same time, many have said they have never had a single city official visit them. We want to work with the city and the police department to provide businesses what they need.

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