letters of Endorsement

"I have known And worked with Ginny for many years. Ginny is dauntless in pursuit of what is right, just and fair.  At the same time Ginny is wise and open minded enough to always listen to and learn from opposing or alternative points of view.


Ginny will invariably listen to all sides and then gently interject a succinct perspective.   

Ginny has tirelessly fought for many different issues in the past.


I have come to know Ginny in her various volunteer roles with the Shoreline Lake Forrest Park Senior center and the way that she consistently gives deep thought and consideration to the needs of our growing senior population.   


I am looking forward to Ginny serving on the City Council.   I know that a vote for Ginny is a vote for Seniors. " 


-Douglas Woods

Sales Manager, Freedom Mortgage




"I have known Ginny for over thirty years.  She has always been a strong voice in the community for a balanced approach to community problems. 


Ginny would be a great addition to our city council and would offer a perspective on issues and problems that city leadership has not had in recent years.


Ginny is a former business owner, and understands the concerns and needs of the business community.  


She will work with law enforcement to ensure the city remains a safe place for all residents to live and work.


I am proud to support Ginny in her race for Shoreline City Council." 


-Cliff Spingler

Shoreline Resident




"I support Ginny for Shoreline City Council.  She has first hand experience in local government and knows the needs and concerns of Shoreline residents as well as business owners. 


Ginny will fight to protect our neighborhoods and parks by enforcing existing laws. 


As a resident of over forty years in Shoreline, I appreciate Ginny’s sensible, reasoned approach to governing and I know she will be a much needed asset to our beautiful city." 


-June Spingler

Shoreline Resident