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for Shoreline City Council

Shoreline: Headed in the Right Direction?

Your Voice Matters!

"As a City Council member I will listen to YOU before the Council affects a Shoreline neighborhood"


Addressing Crime in the City

We need to protect our neighborhoods and parks by enforcing our laws.  There is way too much petty crime happening all over the city.

      We also need to have a plan for the homeless in Shoreline. After consulting many, I favor zero-tolerance policies that have made a big difference in Arlington & Marysville.

Quality of Life

We need to have intelligent development.  Most of the 5-8 story buildings should be within a ½ mile radius of light rail stations (Sound Transit specs).  This would solve a lot of current traffic problems that are only going to be getting worse.

Ginny Scantlebury for shoreline city council

Over the past 6 years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours organizing Shoreline residents to get involved in the city process.

We’ve gathered over 1800 signatures for the plastic bag ban, the right to vote on ownership of Ronald Wastewater District & the Richmond Beach Road Diet.

We spoke at City Council meetings and sent letters to the council.  It had no effect.

It seems Shoreline City Council members & their staff only allow us to talk to them after they have already made up their minds.

As a City Council member, I will always listen, always fight for you & seek solutions that are in YOUR best interest.


Ginny is Proudly Endorsed By:

Kathi Peterson

Doug Syring

James Woods

Paul Hess

Brad & Kim Lancaster

Jim & Rae Allen
Norma Jordan

Woody & Ilene Hertzog

Jeri & Andrew Drager

Randy Stime

Glen & Linda Halverson

Betty Ward

Judy Greisel

Andrew Sledziewski

Gail & Jerry Dugan

Randy Stime

Sherry Hill

Christopher Franey

Jackie Huey

Judith Lehde

George Daher

George Mauer

Cliff & June Spingler

Karen Gilbertson

Carol Solle

Grant Harken

Jay Cady

Duane Berger

Rob McKenna - WA Attorney General 2005-2013

With Local Support from:

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As you can see from this chart, Shoreline is currently headed for a budget nightmare.


Residents I've spoken with have made it clear that they already feel a heavy tax burden & without a change in direction, the city will have to raise taxes even more.


While other candidates have lists of projects they are excited to introduce (like an expensive sidewalk replacement city-wide), my plan is to reduce needless spending.


If elected I'll stand up for you every day, cutting pet projects & increasing efficiency to slim down our city budget. Shoreline could be doing a lot more to make your tax dollars go further, accomplishing that will be a top priority of mine.


This doesn't mean reduction in services: there is a lot more we could be doing with departments & budgets already in place. My goal is to make sure that your tax dollars serve YOU, in an actual sense.

Douglas Woods - President, Shoreline / Lake Forest Park Senior Center

John Sims - Owner, The Frank Lumber Store

Jeff Hill - Owner, North City Lumber