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Your Voice Matters!

"As a City Council member I will listen to YOU before the Council affects a neighborhood"


Addressing Crime in the City

We need to protect our neighborhoods and parks by enforcing our laws.  There is way too much petty crime happening all over the city.

      We also need to have a plan for the homeless in Shoreline.  So-called “tough love” policies have already worked well in Arlington, WA as well as Rhode Island.

Quality of Life

We need to have intelligent development.  Most of the 5-8 story buildings should be within a ½ mile radius of light rail stations (Sound Transit specs).  This would solve a lot of current traffic problems that are only going to be getting worse.

Launch Party Tomorrow, April 18th

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Ginny Scantlebury for shoreline city council
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High Taxes Challenge Longtime Residents

Do they know about the King County Senior Citizen Property Tax Reduction?  I’m on the board at the Shoreline-LFP Senior Center and we are always trying to help seniors stretch their dollars.

Seniors probably have the biggest problem because they are on a fixed income plus  they comprise about 18% of our population right now.  

Over the past 6 years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours organizing Shoreline residents to get involved in the city process. We’ve gathered over 1800 signatures for the plastic bag ban, the right to vote on ownership of Ronald Wastewater District & the Richmond Beach Road Diet.

We spoke at City Council meetings and sent letters to the council.  It had no effect.

It seems Shoreline City Council members & their staff only allow us to talk to them after they have already made up their minds.

As a City Council member, I will always listen, always fight for you & seek solutions that are in YOUR best interest.